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2 Ways to Solve Any Confidence Issues

Confidence is a very tricky beast to tame, and chances are if you are reading this article, you are struggling with it as well. The advice we get from wildly successful and confident people is always the same: you should just go for it and do it! While there is some truth to this, a lot of information is left out. There is also never any mention of techniques we…

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7 Methods to Gain Confidence in Yourself

Confidence is the one character trait that will make or break your social game. Having a nice personality to boot is a major plus of course, but without confidence you will never be able to show it in its full glory. Many of the worlds most successful people credit their success to their confidence. Yet they very rarely explain what methods they used to build up that level of confidence.…

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5 Ways to Enjoy Being Social

For people like myself, who are quite introverted and lack an aptitude to social engagement, being social can be a major challenge. In my personal experience it comes from a fear of discomfort. There are certain aspects of a social situation that I will expect to happen, and then proceed to get stressed about it. I will go over 5 ways that I have used to not only become more…

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