Emotional growth

Is Persistence A Good Or Bad Character Trait?

Self-improvement is a hot topic nowadays. More and more people search the web for ways that they can improve themselves and become more successful in life. One of such areas of improvement is adopting successful character traits. It can however be quite tricky to navigate the world of psychology and to find those traits that…

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10 Little Habits That Benefit Your Mental Health

It can often seem like improving your mental health is massive task, and we are often lost as to where to even start. It can be particularly useful to start small, and make simple improvements to your daily life. remember that small changes overtime will yield massive results. Here I have compiled some little things…

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A Healthy Way To Express Your Emotions

Human’s are very emotionally complex beings. It is safe to say that most people struggle a lot with their emotions. It is not always easy to control and understand what you are feeling, and often times we are left at an impasse and don’t know how to react. So how can we express our emotions…

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