Personal Development

The realm of personal development can be quite tricky to navigate, especially if you are trying to improve one particular aspect of your life. If you have found all the information online to be a little overwhelming, you have come to the right place!

Here at Simply Lifestyle we want to make an organized layout of all the aspects that personal development encompasses. Remember, before you start your journey, you need to know what aspects of your life needs improvement.

If you are unsure, we have very broad topics and suggest you to read the About This page before you continue. If you know what areas you need to improve in, feel free to navigate the menu. I’m sure we have an article that caters to your needs!

There are 3 main areas that we will discuss withing personal development.

Emotional growth

In its most basic sense, emotional growth is the learning process that allows you to better manage your emotions in a variety of situations. Furthermore, going down this road will ultimately cause you to learn more about your inner self.

Most information about emotions on this site is based off of Erik Erikson’s stages of development. Erikson was a famous psychologist who determined that the emotional development of people takes place in 8 stages, which are differentiated by age.

No matter what age you are, we have some good tips for you.

Intellectual growth

Intellectual growth is all about improving the way you reason and organize yourself. In can be further divided into two main areas: language development- is learning how to use language to make sense of the world around us and organize our thoughts. Cognitive development- is all about learning how to reason and structure yourself.

Here at Simply Lifestyle we focus more on the cognitive development aspects, as the language development is more focused on younger children.

Social Growth

Humans are very complex creatures. Being able to read their emotions and interact with them can often seem very difficult, especially for those of us who are shy and/or have anxiety.

Social growth is all about overcoming social anxiety and being very effective in social situations. We talk about many aspects, but focus on understanding core human behavior, and being able to apply it to better your social life.

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