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What Motivates People To Succeed?

Motivation is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to get seemingly difficult tasks done with ease. Unfortunately, we are not always motivated to do the work that is required of us. Therefore we can often times feel as if we are really struggling to even get started on our work. Motivation works in such a way that different people get motivated for different reasons. Therefore, if you hope to…

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7 Motivation Myths That Stop Your From Reaching Your Goals

When we have set big goals for ourselves, we need every bit of help we can get to achieve them. Motivation is an extremely powerful, albeit unreliable tool at your disposal. That being said, there is already a lot of information regarding motivation on this website, but I haven’t covered the myths of motivation that are being spread around the web and society yet. So here we are! The issue…

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4 Ways To Become A More Compassionate Person

1. Become more empathic The amount of empathy you have determines the level to which you are able to understand and feel what another person is experiencing. I am sure that you can see that in order to be a compassionate person, you’ll have to understand how to help others first. It is all well and good to be supportive if someone you love is going through a tough time,…

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6 Lifestyle Hacks To Improve Memory

Memory can be an incredibly important asset in life. Despite this, we often experience moments where our memory abandons us. Having forgotten where we left our wallet, or losing your direction because you don’t remember which way you came from are all scenarios that are familiar to most of us. I am ure you can remember many personal examples from your student lives where you wished you just had a…

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The Art Of Learning And Unlearning

The covid pandemic of 2020 has hit the world in a way we have not seen in recent decades. Our world has always been evolving, but COVID has only accelerated this. In this new age, the only way you are going to keep up is by learning, unlearning, and relearning. There is a very beautiful quote written by Alvin Toffler that explains this just so well. He said “The illiterate…

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