Intellectual Growth

The Art Of Learning And Unlearning

The covid pandemic of 2020 has hit the world in a way we have not seen in recent decades. Our world has always been evolving, but COVID has only accelerated this. In this new age, the only way you are going to keep up is by learning, unlearning, and relearning. There is a very beautiful quote written by Alvin Toffler that explains this just so well. He said “The illiterate…

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5 Smart Goals For Students

Your years in college are all about building a skillset that will last you a lifetime in the real world. It is the most important time period of your lives! Whether you focus on specializing in a field you dreamt of as a child, or you choose to make the world a better place for others, college is a time to put in the work! With a new year underway,…

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4 Mental Hacks To Be More Confident

Whatever you are trying to achieve in life, having a high level of confidence will surely make your journey easier. Confidence is a crucial character trait that you must adopt into your own personality if you want to succeed in life. When we feel confident, we are likely to pursue new opportunities, which will lead to even more opportunities in the future. Whenever we fail at something, it is our…

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5 MORE Successful Character Traits You Should Have In 2022

With Christmas spirit in full swing, the new year is also quickly approaching. It is the time of year where we look at how well the last 12 months have been for us. For most of us, myself included, we see that there is always room for improvement. However it can be easier said than done to have a more successful 2022! That being said, no matter how difficult it…

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4 Types Of Goals

I have recently written an article about 5 goals you should have to succeed in 2022, and it seems pretty popular. Therefore I decided to write a little bit more in depth about what types of goals you can set for yourself. Instead of just listing the 4 different types of goals and giving a brief description of them, I will demonstrate their usefulness through an example of a friend…

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