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Dealing With Stress Based On Your Age

Stress is a phenomenon that we experience from the day we are born till the day we die. Even though we all experience it, the type of stress we feel can be very dependent on what stage we are in life. The kind of stress you will feel largely depends on age, simply because age dictates what your life is focused around. Hence you will likely share the same kind of stress as most of your peers. although a large part of stress management remains

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5 Different Kinds Of Stress

There are many ways that we can classify kinds of stress. Often times this is done in two main ways. We either define stress based on where it is found in the body, or the time duration that the stress is experienced. Both ways give us a good insight and understanding the different kinds of stresses we might experience in our lives. Let’s first discuss stress based on location in the body, and then we will move on to time dependent stress. 2 Kinds Of

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What Is The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation And How Can You Use Them To Your Benefit?

How come that for some tasks we are so eager to work on, but for others we are almost unable to even get started? Well, in order for your brain to push you to do something, it will evaluate whether the reward is worth the effort. Back before civilization existed, our ancestors were in a constant state of survival. Our brain was, and still is, hardwired to limit energy waste. So it is continuously doing a risk versus reward analysis. If there isn’t a substantial

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5 Things To Be Passionate About In Life

You might wish to lead a happier and more successful life, but you are not sure what you have to do to make that happen. Becoming passionate for certain aspects of your life can certainly be a good way to get started. Afterall, being passionate is something you will find in the personality of the most successful and famous people around! I like to compare someone’s passion with their drive, willpower and motivation. Passion is what can push us to amazing results. No matter how

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11 Rules To Live By For A Happier And More Successful Life

Happiness is the real success! You should not envy anyone else, except for those who are truly happier than you are! Being genuinely happy is how you tap into your brains top levels of motivation, focus, productivity, and discipline. Not only that, but being in a happy state is incredibly healthy for your emotional and mental health. Studies have proven that our brains simply operate better and more efficiently when happy than compared to in a crappy mood or being all stressed out. However it

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4 Stress Reducing Habits

It has been a stressful 12 months, that’s for sure. The way the world is looking right now, 2022 doesn’t seem like it will take it easy on us either. It is becoming increasingly important to become resourceful in today’s society. With the world becoming more complicated by the minute, we have to be able to keep a balanced life. Being able to manage our stress is a large part of living a balanced life. One of the most efficient ways to manage stress is

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