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Insecurity: Everything You Need To Know

Insecurities is something that we all face in life, and with the rise of social media, we find ourselves in an ever increasing insecure world. it is no secret that the youth have an unhealthy image of what life is about thanks to social media.

Comparisons between yourself and top influencers always result in dissapointment and dispair. This leads to a build up of insecurities that might damage people and negatively affect them for the rest of their lives.

Insecurity Definition

Types of Insecurity

Insecurity can manifest itself in many forms. Often times people will suffer from one type of insecurity but will be almost immune to another. It can vary greatly from person to person.

There are 3 main insecurities, and there are proven ways to overcome them aswell. After we have gone through all the types of insecurities, I will give some tips and methods you can use to overcome them!

1. Insecurities From Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is one of the most common reasons for insecurities in people, and the leading cause is often self-doubt and a lack of confidence in social situations. This insecurity can manifest themselves in front of total strangers, as well as close friends and family members!

This idea of self-doubt and lack of confidence often stems from this notion that we are not good enough in one way or another. This thought can originate from childhood, perhaps from bullying, or it can have come from a recent traumatic event.

Hence we tend to feel the negative emotions associated with those past experiences when we put ourselves into social situations. Therefore we tend to avoid them, and this only makes the problem worse overtime.

Our social lives are crucial for our mental health, and its important that we have meaningful relationships with a multitude of people.

While overcoming social anxiety may seem like a daunting task, with determination and a bit of effort it is certainly achievable for everyone. Let’s go over some ways that you can get over the your social anxiety and cure your insecuritites!

How To Overcome Social Anxiety Insecurities

Before we are able to discuss ways to overcome our social insecurities, we have to make sure we understand that there can be several ways that we experience this anxiety. We can experience social anxiety in either big or small groups, consisting of people you either know very well or don’t know at all.

Some of those who suffer from social anxiety only experience it when they are on a stage speaking infront of a public. How you try to overcome your social insecurities heavily depends on what type you are experiencing.

Nevertheless, some of the following tips are surely applicable for your case!

Place yourself in uncomfortable situations on a weekly basis. An individual who experiences anxiety for something tends to avoid that which makes them anxious. If you are someone that is afraid of social situations involving large group, then you will naturally have the tendency to avoid those kinds of gatherings.

This causes you to be out of practice, and will only worsen your anxiety symptoms over time. Therefore it is imporant that you place yourself back into those situations. Whatever you fear the most is what you should be working up towards.

When you expose yourself on a regular basis to that which you fear, you will become accustomed to it. Hence you will no longer fear it!

Ask your friends for help. It can often be difficult to overcome your anxieties by yourself. If you have more socially adept friends, they will most definitly be able to give you some tips. On top of that, they also know you as a person. Therefore their advice will be catered to your specific needs.

If you are trying to help out an anxious friend, then know that the goal is to make them more independent in terms of their social skills over time.

Sign up for classes. If you have a fear of public speaking, then joining such a class is one of the best ways of overcoming that fear. If you do not have an ability to speak in public, make a presentation for your friends and family, and practice speaking to them.

Going one step further and enlisting the help of a therapist is also a good solution, especially if you have tried a lot of methods on your own.

2. Rejection Insecurity

A fear of failure and rejections are the main reasons why people take so few risks in their lives. We have all had bad experiences when it comes to failing. Some of us might have failed important exams, while others got rejected by a person they truly loved.

Similar to the last point, these constant setbacks of failing and being rejected can cause us to become insecure about ourselves. We might feel like we are not worthy of love, or that we are not capable of passing a certain course.

It is important to realize that failure and rejection are a normal part of life. All of us go through it at some point. We all also have different ways of dealing with it, but I will go over some of the most common ways to deal with failure and rejection!

How To Overcome Rejection Insecurity

Learn to embrace failure. We either win or we learn. Failure is seen as something negative. When we fail at something in school we get punished. Most of us have been taught that failing is not good, but this is far from the truth.

Failure is like the steps on a ladder. We all need them to climb to success, there is no avoiding it. If you find yourself failing in life, then remember that you are also learning. The more you learn, the greater your chances of achieving your goals become!

Think of how far you have already come. As mentioned before, if we try to pursue big goals we are bound to fail at some stage. It can be a good reminder to look back at all of our previous successes. This is a great exercise to boost our motivation and lift our spirits. It also shows us that we can do it, we just have to push a little bit further!

Try new strategies and keep being persistent. Failing at something is usually a sign that you need to improve at something in order to succeed. While it can be that you just have to put more effort into what you have already been doing, it can also be a sign that you need to adopt a new strategy or perspective to solve the issue.

Keep being persistent, and you will reap the benefits, of that have no doubt!

3. Perfectionism Insecurity

Perfectionism is a personalitry trait found in people who set very high standards for themselves. This means that no matter what such a person works on, the end result has to be perfect! A perfectionist will find themselves in a constant state of worry, as they do not want to fall short of their exceptionally high expectations.

The issue with perfectionism is that people will evaluate your work based on different criteria. What might be a perfect solution for one person might be an absolute disaster for another. Therefore perfectionist are prone to failure and rejection.

On top of that, a perfectionist is also exposed to comparing themselves to others. In todays age of social media, this can become quite an issue.

If say you are a fitness fanatic, you might compare yourself with all kinds of fitness influencers, who either use illegal drugs or photoshop their images. Since you want to attain a perfect physique, you will feel insecure since others simply look better than you. Even though they are faking it.

There are some ways that you can use to lessen the impact perfectionism has on your life.

In the near future I will be writing a full guide on perfectionism, so if you are interested, make sure you check out my most recent posts, as well as my archived articles!

How To Overcome Perfectionism Insecurity

Focus on what you have control over. Often times the outcome of the work we do depends on external factors. As a perfectionist, you of course want it to be perfect, but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The way others look at your work can often be vastly different than the way you look at it. They might not deem it nearly as good as you do. Therefore make sure you do not evaluate yourself on the finished product, but instead do so on the effort that you have put in!

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