What Motivates People To Succeed?

Motivation is an incredibly powerful tool that allows us to get seemingly difficult tasks done with ease. Unfortunately, we are not always motivated to do the work that is required of us. Therefore we can often times feel as if we are really struggling to even get started on our work.

Motivation works in such a way that different people get motivated for different reasons. Therefore, if you hope to get the most out of your day, you have to ensure that you are able to link your work to the main thing that motivates you!

Towards the end of the article I will write a detailed example you can model your own life after. So make sure to read until the very end!

Let’s get into the most common factors that motivate people to get out there and put in the time and effort!

1. Money

It should come to no surprise that money is a major motivational factor for a lot of people. After all, we all need to put food on our tables, and keep a roof over our heads. Money is what allows us to get the basic necessities in life, and is therefore crucial to our overall health and well-being.

In a lot of articles on this topic, the general consensus is that we should avoid being motivated to earn money. While there is some truth to this, it is not the full picture.

It is a big motivational myth that money is the only source of motivation that you should have. That doesn’t mean however that we should neglect the motivational drive that we get to earn money!

Becoming successful in anything in life is a difficult task, and we should embrace any extra help that we can get! If the salary increase for a potential job promotion is significant, then by all means let this motivate you to push yourself and work harder to get that promotion. Let that money motivation spike your productivity!

It is simply important to not chase after just money, as it is no guarantee of a happy life. There are many aspects in life you should focus on. Aim to live a balanced life, not an aesthetic one!

2. Helping Out Other People

It is human nature to have a strong desire to help out others in need, and I think not enough of us have experienced that feeling when we realize we helped someone in a truly meaningful way. Once you feel that emotion, there is a high chance that you will get a big motivation boost next time you do something similar to help another person or your local community.

One of the best ways to discover whether helping out people motivates you is to go out and volunteer. Find a volunteering job that directly impacts your community or the lives of people in a meaningful way. Classic examples are doing a beach clean-up, serving food to the homeless etc.

Discovering that you have a passion to help others can be used to great effect in boosting your motivation levels throughout they day.

They key here is to be able to link the work you do to effect it has on other people. Once you see how you are impacting the lives of others, you will become more motivated to work harder and put in more effort!

As I mentioned in the introduction, keep reading until the end of this article to see an example on how exactly you can link your work to the positive impact it has on people!

3. Self-Mastery And Personal Growth

I am sure that you can all think of moments where you worked effortlessly for days on end, simply because you wanted to get better at something. There might have been a course in high-school that you studied days for, just because you found it so interesting and wanted to master it!

Some of us have it with sports, where we will endure grueling workouts simply because we want to become the best we can at it!

Mastering a skill or becoming an expert in a certain field is a requirement if you want to become a successful person in life!

The nice thing about self-master and personal growth motivation is that it is applicable for everyone of us. The only caveat is that you work in a field that is directly linked with your true passion in life. If you are truly passionate about the work that you do, becoming a master at it is just the next logical progression in your career.

In the near future I will be writing an article about ways you can use to discover what your true passion is and how to capitalize on that. If this is something you are interested in, then make sure you check out my most recent posts and archived articles!

4. Power

It is no secret that a lot of people idolize power influence and fame. Especially in the modern day with social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok, we see countless people try and jump on the influencer bandwagon. It is all about the amount of followers we have and the number of likes we get on our posts.

This example is very similar to the one about money in terms of its usefulness. I am a firm believer that reaching a certain number of followers or becoming famous is no guarantee to happiness at all. Once you have reached these numbers, the motivation to carry on will disappear if you just wanted the power.

You need to have other interests and reasons for getting there if you want any kind of long term success.

But once again, if you have to motivation to become famous, let it drive you to work relentlessly to reach your goals. It can be a very strong driving force, so make sure you make the most of it while it lasts. But also understand that it will fade once you start to reach your goal!

Plan accordingly!

5. Desire To Win

Nobody likes to lose, yet some of us want to win more than others. I am sure we all know someone in our social circle that is super competitive and needs to win all the time. While not an ideal character trait to have, it can provide a major motivation boost.

Getting motivation from a desire to win can be a pure egotistical reason, and therefore it is recommended that you do not portray this kind of behaviour in public if you wish to keep meaningful relationships. It is typically seen as a negative behavioural trait, and many people will dislike you for it.

That being said, it is still a very powerful way to get yourself to put in the time required to succeed at completing a task or learning a new skill.

If you have a strong desire to win, one great technique you can use to help boost your motivation is to imagine you are always competing with someone else in the work you do. Many top atheltes when they are training imagine their oppenent training as well. They then simply ensure they outwork their imaginary rival.

This can be used to great effect to push yourself to your limits. Something which you ordinarily wouldn’t do. I personally think we all have a desire to win to some extent. Try the method above and see how much it can help you!

people holding trophies

6. Fear Of Failure

Similar to the fact that most of us hate losing, no one likes failing either. I have written plenty of times about why I think failing should be embraced instead of hated. For me failure are the like the steps on a ladder we have to climb in order to reach a stage where we can consider ourselves successful.

That being said, for those of us tht fear failure, it can often times be quite a motivational force. Think about a personal example in your life. Have you ever studied hard for a math test, simply because you were afraid to fail due to your parents expectations of you?

We could also be afraid to fail because we don’t want to let ourselves down. If you are someone that is afraid to make mistakes, let this motivate you to put in extra time and effort to ensure that you succeed!

Example Of How To Link Reason For Motivation To Your Life

As I mentioned in some of the points above, I will make a small example that shows you how you can link your main drive for motivation to the work that you are currently doing. A lot of us are not conciously aware of what motivates us. So we often struggle and say that we just aren’t motivated to go to work.

Well this example will show you how you can analyze the work you do, to try and relate it to one of the points mentioned above. Hopefully it can help you to become more motivated in your job or studies in the future!

A good example to demonstrate this with was a case I recently came across. It was about someone working a construction job. It was a tough manaul labor job, and this person was ready to quit. They simply didn’t have any motivation to keep on working such a tough job.

Instead of focusing on the tough working conditons that this job came with, this person decided to pay more careful attention towards what they were actually building.

The current job was to build a row of appartment buildings which would be destined as “social housing”. This kind of housing provides a roof over the heads of those who cannot otherwise afford a safe place to live.

Focusing on building houses for those in need gave a much needed motivational boost for this person. They were able to link their desire to help other people to their work, and hence benefited from an increase in motivation.

Try this exercise on your own personal life, I am sure you can come up with many ways in which your current work includes many of the topics mentioned in this article!

Final Thoughts

Motivation can be a difficult beast to tame. That being said, it certainly isn’t impossible to do so. I am a firm believer that the more effort you put into your work, the more you get out of it.

Note that this may not neccesarily be an extrinisic reward, but may be intrinisic instead. In some way you will always benefit. It is for this reason why we should find ways that we can connect our work with a major motivation drive as discussed in this article.

Having that extra motivational boost can really make the difference in the results of our work!

I hope you learned something while reading this article! I wish you all the best on your journey of self development!

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