Being Humble Is The Key To Long-Term Success

In a world where social media dominates our lives, the whole concept of our self-image is being twisted and warped. One of the only ways to set yourself apart from others on Instagram, is to show of your glamorous life, and if you want to really stand out it has to be better than everyone else around you. Social media has taught us to value our image more than our actual lives. No one will put their bad days or moments on instagram. They only put the very best aspects of their day on there.

Social media has created a game, and the way to win is to prove that you are better than everyone else through your “amazing” (often fake) life. Spending so much time on these apps will not only inflate your ego, it will make you truly obsessed with your own self image. People have started to favor living an aesthetic lifestyle over a balanced one.

A lot of people might say that there are some that are making a lot of money from this kind of boasting, and that is certainly true. But making a lot of money now is irrelevant to obtaining any long-term success. On the contrary, while they might look successful now, their self obsession’s can easily cause them to fail later on in life.

What Is The Definition Of Humble?

Achieving long-term success requires a good degree of humility. Being humble is all about being modest. You treat people the same no matter where they are in life. You don’t think that you are better than anyone simply because you have 1 million followers on instagram or because you are making a lot of money. Humility is being modest and having realistic view of yourself compared to others.

Often times people find it hard to stay humble because they feel it is similar to low self-esteem. There is a fine line between the two for sure. A humble person will never think that they are the absolute best at something. Rather they will assume they are somewhere in the middle of the pack, even though they might be the best. Someone with low self-esteem will assume that they are the worst at a certain task or subject, even though they might be one of the best.

I find that being humble is an underrated trait, primarily since it tends to go against the narrative that modern society is going in. I will go over some ways why being humble is so important in your life, and then I will go into some methods you can use to become more humble

5 Reasons Why Being Humble Is The Key To Long-Term Success

1. You can recognize your mistakes and fix them

One of the most difficult things to do for people is to realize and admit they are making a mistake and that they are wrong. We simply want to be right, whatever it takes. Often times this can be because we don’t want to be seen as someone who makes a mistake. In the introduction I mentioned how much emphasis is put on our self-image in today’s society. There is simply no room for mistake if you want to have a successful instagram.

Humility is all about modesty and focusing on what really matters in life. Being humble means that you are able to see that admitting your wrongdoings leads to personal growth. It leads to a better and more successful life in the future. You’ll have no problem accepting your faults and won’t be afraid of people finding out. You are more worried about fixing the issue for your future self, than for the opinion of others.

2. It drives you to learn

When we are so focused on ourselves, and when we think we are at the top of the world due to the amount of likes we have on instagram, it is hard to accept that there is so much more to learn from this world. Your pride will overcome your desire to learn. Thinking you know everything means you have 0 motivation to go out and learn more.

Humility will let you see the world for what it really is. It will show you how much there is that you just do not understand yet. This creates a healthy desire to learn more. Being humble is an essential personality trait in being able to accept your own shortcomings. It is then up to you to improve yourself in a way that will lead you to success.

In a recent article I explained why continual learning is so important for long term success. If you are interested in that article, make sure you check it out here!

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3. You gain self-confidence

A humble person is a confident person. Being humble means you are comfortable with where you are in life, and where you are currently going. You show no insecurities when it comes to your life. Therefore there is often no need to put forth a false personality.

Individuals with great amounts of humility are often times very calm people, because they take the time absorb information from their environment. This comes over as a confident person!

4. You will have more meaningful relationships

As I have mentioned many times in my articles, the main reason for the success of so many people is the wide supportive network of people that surround them. Without the occasional help, you will often times get stuck or make the wrong decisions. It becomes a lot more difficult to attain long term success if you do not have people surrounding you with whom you have meaningful relationships.

Being a humble person can massively improve your chances on growing your social circle. It is very natural for people to want to be around someone who exudes humility for a variety of reasons.

First of all, if you have humility, you will never brag about yourself, your lifestyle, or all your accomplishments. You will not come over as a self-centered person. Secondly, being humble means that you respect where each person comes from in life, and where they currently find themselves. You will be seen as a likable person and people will in general want to spend time around you. They will feel safe and open to share anything with you. This is a crucial aspect of an relationship!

If you find being social difficult because you are an introvert or for any other reason, there are ways where you can make social interactions more fun and rewarding. I wrote a detailed article outlining steps you can use to enjoy being more social. If you feel like this could help you out, feel free to check it out here!

5. It helps you grow forever

The people that speak the most, are the ones that act the least. If there is one thing a humble person does not do much, it’s speaking. For someone with humility, it is not important that others know your greatest achievements, or what you are currently working on. They are more interested in achieving their goals, and not boasting about them. This means that if you are humble, you will have all the energy you need to actually put your plan into action.

It provides many other opportunities that allow you to grow as well. Imagine you run a business, and you need to hire someone for an important position within your company. You get two candidates. The first person, who has an impressive list of achievements, calmly mentions them and explains to you how they are relevant to the job. The second person, with an achievement list equally as impressive, boasts about them in such a way that they are convinced they are the smartest person in the building. Who would you hire?

If you are looking for a job, being humble makes you more likeable, as we saw in the previous point. Not only that, but it makes you come across as reliable and trainable. You cannot train someone who thinks they are the very best the world has to offer. Being humble will allow you to take on more opportunities in life, simply because of how others perceive you.

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