5 Things To Be Passionate About In Life

You might wish to lead a happier and more successful life, but you are not sure what you have to do to make that happen. Becoming passionate for certain aspects of your life can certainly be a good way to get started. Afterall, being passionate is something you will find in the personality of the most successful and famous people around!

I like to compare someone’s passion with their drive, willpower and motivation. Passion is what can push us to amazing results. No matter how hard life gets, if you are passionate, you will make it through. It is a crucial emotion to have in your life, and you cannot really get enough of it.

But what really is passion?

What Is Passion?

Passion is a powerful emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. It is something within us, that cannot simply be taken away by others. It is what makes us us, and it is usually developed in childhood to a certain extent.

If you really want to succeed in an area of life, a certain level of passion for whatever you are doing is a must. It will allow you to get through the hard days when your discipline or motivation wavers.

With the pandemic seemingly coming to an end, what are some of the things we should get passionate about? How can they benefit our future selves? Let’s find out

Things’ In Life To Be Passionate About

1. Personal Development

No matter what you do in life, you will find that you have personality traits that will both help and keep you back from being the best you can be. I you want to be the best in your field, you have to get into the habit of continual personal development.

I suggest starting out by doing a self evaluation. For example, imagine a student. Their main goal is to pass their exams and graduate with a degree, but they are struggling. Firstly they write all the important skills that a successful student needs. Many things come to mind, time management, stress management, sleep routine, motivation and much more.

Then the student looks inwards, and makes a self evaluation on their own performance in these areas. One of the best ways to do this test is through a simple mental exercise, which is explained in detail here! Based on the result, this student will know what areas in their life they need to work on and improve.

Being passionate about personal development means that you are in a continuous state of improving your weakness and developing your strengths. Here at Simple Lifestyles you will find articles discussing ways to improve a variety of personality traits. Make sure you browse around and you will likely come across an article that can benefit you!

By getting passionate about personal development, you will be able to keep on growing as a person, ensuring you stay ahead of your competition at all times!

2. Learning

Learning ties in very closely with the previous point, yet differs in one fundamental way. Personal development is all about developing your personality and who you are as a person. Learning is about teaching yourself new life skills that will (hopefully) have some positive influence on your life!

It is being able to learn efficiently that will allow us to improve our personal and professional lives. If you want to make it in life, continuous learning is one of the most important character traits you can have!

That being said, becoming a more effective learner can often be quite hard to achieve, yet there are some simple methods to help you move forward. Lets go over some ways you can use to become a more effective learner:

Step out of your comfort zone

Whenever you are in the comfort zone, you are at ease. There is no hard work, no challenges and no risks to be taken. While for many, this might seem like the ideal way to live your life, it is in fact not a very stimulating and success oriented place to be.

Research has shown that our brain likes certainty, so it knows what to expect and can save energy. Whenever we find ourselves in stressful situations, our brains are forced to expend this energy. On the plus side however, our brains adapt to these situations. We learn to better handle the tough world we are in. Therefore one of the best ways to learn a new skill, is to put yourself in such a position that you are forced to adept quickly. The more stressful it is, the quicker and better you will learn!

Stepping out of the comfort zone in a character trait that is seen among most if not all of the very successful individuals among us!

Teach what you are trying to learn

I am a firm believer in the saying “If you cannot explain an idea to someone else, you simply do not understand it yourself.” If you are able to explain a certain concept to another person is a great way to see how much of it you really know. In the next section, we will get back to this.

Not only will teaching others show whether or not you know what you are talking about, it will also show you where you may lack some knowledge. Often times in university I will explain certain parts of a course to other students, they in return ask many questions, some of which I simply cannot answer. We spend the next couple of hours figuring it out together. This advances my knowledge on the topic, while helping other people.

Not only will you learn a variety of new things about stuff you thought you knew everything about, but you are also benefiting your social life as well!

Test yourself

Learning can be all fun and games, but at some point we need to know whether we actually remembered most of what we have studied. Testing yourself will show you how much you know, and it can be a great tool to expose more gaps in your knowledge.

One of the easiest ways of testing yourself for most skills is to simply explain what you know to another person. If you are struggling to make someone else understand your thoughts, you might want to spend some more time learning.

Bringing it back to the topic of passion, learning can oftentimes help you discover new passions in life. You could decide you want to learn a new language, and in the process discover that you really like embracing new cultures. It really opens up your life to a world of new opportunities!

Note that not everything you will set out to learn will be a success. We all have different capabilities and hence will experience different results when we try new things. The only way to find out is to get started!

I have written a much more in-depth article on the art of learning and unlearning, so if you feel like you could use some more insight on this topic, you can find that article here!

3. Your Relationships

From personal experience I can say that the people you surround yourself with will determine whether or not you reach your lifetime goals. They simply have such a big influence on your life, that you cannot ignore the impact that your social circle has on your life.

Prioritizing your meaningful relationships should be on your priority list when it comes to things to be passionate about. Whether you want to improve your relationship with your partner, parents, or best friend, you have to ensure these relationships are healthy and meaningful.

If you have a passion for relationship building, you will find yourself in the middle of a great support network. You will certainly benefit from this sooner rather than later!

Now for some of us creating new relationships can often times be difficult, or almost seem impossible. For us introverts, being social simply isn’t fun. But there are ways we can make it more fun! Let’s discuss some of those ways.

Talk about what you want to talk about

One of the main reasons why social interactions can consume so much of our energy, is that we spend most of the time talking to other people about topics that are not of interest to us. Often times we will not feel a real connection to that person, because we are not emotionally involved in the conversation.

It can often seem hard to talk about whatever you want to talk about, because you might come across as controlling or uninterested in the other person. One of the best ways to not seem like this, is to listen very attentively what the other person is talking about. The moment they mention something that could be of interest to you, ask them more about it. This will allow you to steer the conversation in a direction that will also be beneficial to you.

Avoid any unnecessary stress

A lot of the enjoyment that we can have with social interactions is often times quickly dissipated by stressful moments. The classical example is that you are taking a ride with your friend to a party. Most likely you will also have planned to go back with that friend.

Now say you are not really enjoying the party anymore. After all, you have been there for many hours and you simply want to go home. However, your friend has no intention of going home yet, leaving you stuck at that party of an unknown amount of time. Not only will you have a bad time, you will likely never come to such a party again because it brings up so many negative memories.

Now if you had found a way to get there yourself, you could have left when you got bored. Meaning you would likely attend again next time, since it wasn’t a stressful situation anymore.

Getting rid of such stresses through proper planning can make stressful social situations seem a lot more relaxed. Therefore you will enjoy them more!

If you want more information regarding ways to enjoy being more social, make sure you check out my dedicated article to that topic here!

4. Your Career Or Studies

One of the areas where most people have some sort of passion is in their studies or career choice, and there is a reason for that. We spend most of our time and energy into our studies and jobs. When we make these our passion, we ensure that this time and energy is spend towards something that we really love.

On top of that, having a passion means that you enjoy your work. It becomes almost effortless. You find the work rewarding and fulfilling and you will never be bored in you’re passionate about what you are doing. This can work wonders on your stress levels and mental health.

What tends to hold people back in terms of creating a passion for their careers is that they are working in the wrong field. It is hard to become passionate for something you simply have no interest in. So if you find that your career is not in-line with your passion, then you may wish to look for any possible alternatives.

If you are curious about ways to become more passionate about something, keep and eye on my most recent posts or archived posts, as I will soon write a dedicated article on that topic!

5. Creativity

Creativity is a fundamentally misunderstood concept. Most of us have been asked whether or not we are creative individuals, and some believe they are not. Everyone has the capability to be creative, it is one of the deciding factors that separates us from animals.

Creativity isn’t linear, there are many ways a person can be creative. You just have to find what you enjoy and what you are good at. Becoming more passionate about your creativity will have many benefits in your life. Such as:

You become a better problem solver

We tackle many problems in our daily lives, and they are often quite repetitive. Being a creative person, allows us to solve the same problem in different ways. Having this experience can be crucial in coming up with solutions to new problems that will inevitably show up in our lives.

Using your imagination to think outside the box is much like a muscle that can be trained to get stronger and better. Out of the box thinking becomes a more and more searched after skill. If you are creative, you will be able to think of more ways to solve a problem. Then you can proceed to solve it in the most efficient way possible. In business or any other competitive area of life this will give you a major advantage over your competition!

It relieves stress

Research has shown that perform a creative activity, such as drawing, coloring, or journaling is an incredibly effective method to decrease stress levels. They are particularly effective if you are experiencing high levels of frustrations or anger. I journal in the evenings after I have a hectic day at university and it really works wonders.

Looking back at the previous point, being a more creative person allows you to come up with new ways to decrease your stress levels!

There are many other good methods to decrease stress levels, one such article you can find here!

Final Thoughts

If you have set big goals for yourself, you will need a certain amount of passion for whatever you are hoping to achieve if you want to become successful. Without it, you will be much more likely to quit when the going gets tough if you do not have the discipline to carry you through. In the future I will write a more detailed article on ways you can cultivate passion, so make sure you check back again and subscribe yourself via email below.

I hope you enjoyed the read, and wish you all the best in life!

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