5 Characteristic Traits That Will Make You Successful

We all have dreams and hopes, and we all have some sort of idea what we want for our future. Knowing what you want out of life is great, and I hope it closely correlates with your true passion! Yet what does our success of actually making that vision become a reality depend on? Your success depends upon the person you become.

So what can we do to increase our chances of success in this complex world?

Well, we simply have to ensure that we possess positive character traits, since they ultimately determine what type of person we are going to be! Lets go over some of the best and most success oriented character traits to have!

1. Be Honest

When it comes to any meaningful relationship, honesty is the foundation of the strength of that relationship. We have all heard the saying that honesty is the best policy, and it is certainly true!

It can take years to develop a reputation as an honest person, but only 1 small lie can destroy it forever. It is definitely a fragile character trait. It is for this very reason that it is such an admirable quality in a person!

There are plenty of reasons why being honest is so important in your life, so lets go over a few

It makes you reliable

Being known as a honest person makes you trustworthy. People will know that whatever you say, is exactly what you think. So if they need your opinion on something, they know you will say what you really think. Being honest shows people that you value your own thoughts and opinions. That makes you an incredible reliable person.

It makes you authentic

It is easy to pretend to be someone you are not. All your friends say they enjoyed the party, and you don’t want to “be a downer” so you agree. That is a lot easier than to speak your mind and say you didn’t really enjoy it. You don’t only seem more authentic to others, you also become authentic for yourself!

It makes you consistent

If you are consistently honest, you have become a consistent person. You know what it is like to always exhibit a certain behaviour, and that is very important. See the next point why!

Other people will recognize that you are a reliable, authentic and consistent person. These are all great qualities to possess, and can all be achieved by being a honest individual!

2. Be Consistent

A consistent individual is someone who always performs the same actions and behaviours, no matter how hard life becomes. You go to the gym everyday, even when you feel tired, when it’s cold outside, or when your friends ask you to come over for a drink. You pursue your goals with a relentless drive. It is a very important trait to have if you want to become successful in life! There are many advantages being a consistent person.

It develops discipline and self control

Teaching yourself to consistently perform a difficult task (like going to the gym for example) will increase your self-control ability and will cultivate discipline within you. Being consistent simply doesn’t allow you to get off track of what you are doing,. You have to stay focused on your work so that you can make incremental progress towards your lifetime goals!

It makes you stand out as a hard worker

When you see someone always working towards their goals, you’ll likely see them as a hard working person, and that is because they are! When your friends are out partying, but you choose to get work done and join them later, they will see you as a hard worker.

On top of that, being consistent for a long period of time will yield you results that others who aren’t consistent simply won’t achieve. It will then become easy to differentiate yourself from those who don’t chase their dreams with a flaming passion!

3. Be Responsible

Being a responsible person entails many things. You can be responsible in many areas of your life. You can be a responsible person for yourself. Meaning that you deal with the consequences of your own actions. If you make a mistake, you own up to it. If you succeed, then you take the credit for it! You can be responsible for someone else as well. Say your friend is going through a rough time, and they are not able to focus on their school work as much. If you are a well-rounded reliable individual, then you will take responsibility and do whatever you can to make sure your friend is able to get back on track with their life.

There are many benefits for being a responsible person that will see you become successful, lets go over some of those points!

You’ll be able to create more meaningful relationships

Taking responsibility for your actions is a huge attribute for relationships. Whenever you make a mistake, you have to acknowledge it and apologize to those it negatively affected. This is a staple of making friendships and relationships work. You come across as a good friend if you take accountability for your actions.

As I mentioned earlier, taking responsibility for your friends and families well being when they are in a rough spot is also a must for any meaningful relationships. This builds large amounts of trusts with the people around you. But beware, trust can take months and years to develop, but can be broken in a single day!

You become an empathic person

Responsibility and empath are often closely associated. As mentioned in the previous point, a responsible person cares about the people around them. In order the better help those in need, we naturally become more concerned with how that person is feeling at a specific moment in time. Hence it makes us more empathic.

On top of that, using your empathic skills to help out another person makes you quite compassionate. I have written an in-depth article about whether or not being compassionate is a good thing, so make sure you read this article here to find out more about it!

4. Be Curious

You will not achieve success if you are not able to come across and take opportunities. If we are just stuck doing what we always do, we are limiting ourselves to the millions of possibilities out there. Be a curious person, if something new at work pops up, instead of shying away not wanting to do more work, embrace it. Be curious about what you could learn taking on that extra work. Be curious to the opportunities that that extra work might bring to your life. There are plenty of other reasons why a curious person is on track to become successful!

It makes your mind more active

Doing school work or office work can be rather repetitive at times. As a consequence, our brain switches into a passive mode. It does the tasks presented on autopilot, and over time, you will find that it becomes hard to take on new work. You simply find it easier to do what you have always been doing. This is not a recipe for success.

By being a curious person, you are always actively looking for a challenge in life. Your mind will get used to working hard and to seeking opportunities in life. You will become mentally stronger, which can have many other benefits in life!

It makes your life more enjoyable and worthwhile

Always looking for new things to do or new ways to solve a problem is far from living a boring life. It is quite different than living a routined life, which also has many benefits however! Since you are always discovering new things, you are bound to come across activities and people that you really enjoy. You will discover new ways to live, which can replace old and negative habits in your life.

This all can make your life more enjoyable and worthwhile, which can be a massive motivational and mental health boost!

5. Be Humble

Being humble ensures that you stay with your two feet firmly planted on the ground. Often times when people come across fame and riches, they destroy their lives because they lose view of themselves and the world. They go down this eternal spire of thinking they are the best, and will lose most if not all of their meaningful relationships along the way. They are ultimately left with nothing to live for.

Staying humble allows us to keep progressing in life, and to keep healthy relationships which are so important for a successful life! There are a few other reasons why being a humble person is important for your future success!

People will feel accepted around you

When you are a humble person, the people around you won’t feel like you judge them for not reaching the levels of success you have. Not only that, it will attract people to you. Since you are humble, you listen to everyone’s struggles, and people feel heard. This makes them want be around you! Attracting lots of people also means more opportunities in your life!

It helps you in an uncertain world

As I mentioned before, being humble means you have your two feet planted on the ground. That means when a big shift happens in your life, you will be able to recognize the consequences of that big shift. Your arrogant peers might have the attitude of “Nothing can stop me”, which will eventually be their downfall. Staying humble allows you to recognize your vulnerabilities in life, so you can plan for the worst!

How Can We Adopt Character Traits?

Adopting these character traits will take some time and effort, but it is certainly possible. Like anything in life, something worth achieving will take time and effort. There are no shortcuts for true growth and success!

The best way to adopt new character traits, or to simply adjust some already existing once, is to pretend like you already have that trait in your personality. Research has shown that changing a personality trait can be achieved by simply embodying that trait. The same study showed that the most success was found if people made a list of all the behaviours they wished to achieve.

An example was as follows. A person is very introverted, and wants to make more friends. Hence he will have to adopt an extroverted character trait. By making a simple list of behaviours such as:

  • Saying good morning to everyone in the office when you walk in
  • Calling an old friend to go to lunch
  • Inviting people over for a party

people were able to be considered extroverted in about 4 months!

Take one of the character traits mentioned in this article. If you want to become a more curious person, spend one hour of your day learning a new skill. As you delve deeper into that skill, you are likely going to become more curious about some aspects. Over several months, your newfound curiosity for certain aspects of life have made you a more curious person.

If you have spend months trying to adopt a certain successful individual trait but haven’t succeeded, then maybe therapy might be a good option for you! Therapists are often able to write a unique game plan catered to your specific needs. Following that is will massively boost your chances on changing yourself in a positive manner!

Final Thoughts

A lot of the information in this article contains links to the creation and maintenance of meaningful relationships. I am a firm believer that without a proper support network around you, life will become infinitely harder. All of the above character traits in some way positively influence your ability to not only create new relationships, but also to maintain them.

I hope this article was able to provide you some more insight into personalty traits. I also hope you were able to learn something new, and this it will positively influence your life in one way or another in the future. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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