14 Signs That You Are Doing Better Than You Think You Are

We all have those moments in life where we focus on the things we haven’t achieved. We become immensely creative in thinking of ways how we could have been doing a lot better. It is very easy to feel like we are not doing the best we can. Often times this happens when we compare ourselves to others. Your best friend might have a better job than you, or you neighbor drives a nicer car.

Very few of us will actually stop and think just how much they actually have accomplished this year. If you really think about it, you have probably done quite a bit! So take a deep breath, and let’s get right into 14 signs that you are doing a lot better than you think!

1. You Value Your Meaningful Relationships

Human beings are social creatures, and having meaningful relationships can bring real happiness and prosperity into our lives. We have all experienced those low moments in our lives where the help of a close friend or family member saved us. Similarly we all know what it is like to be surrounded by toxic friends or people. They tend to bring us down and steer us of our goal path.

From these experiences we are able to understand that the quality of a relationship can be so important for our lives. If you refuse to spend time around those who add no meaning value to your life, you are on a great path to success!

2. You Are Grateful For What You Have

If you have been practicing gratitude, you have been able to understand how lucky you really are in life. It is one of the best ways to truly understand just how much we have to live for. If you have discovered gratitude this year, you have acquired a skill that will provide countless benefits to you later in life.

If not, then you can check out my article on practicing gratitude here. I detail the importance of daily practice and give you some good tips on how to make practicing gratitude a daily habit!

3. You Learn From Failure

Failure is the ladder we have to climb to reach success. If you have failed the past year and learned from it, you are doing better than a lot of people. We as a society have associated failure with a negative connotation, which is just wrong. We have to fail in order to succeed!

Learning from your mistakes puts you ahead of the curve and will allow you to reach your lifetime goals no matter what!

4. You Do Not Live An Aesthetic Lifestyle

There is so much more to life than materialistic living. With the major reach social media has created for us, we are often exposed to the “amazing” life of others, especially on apps like Instagram and snap chat. People often portray their lives to be a lot better than it is in actuality. All photos have special filters on them, and some even go so far to photoshop themselves. All of this is done for recognition and likes.

If you are not living this kind of life, and if you are not worried about comparing your current situation with those of others on social media, you are doing great in life! It means that you value the right things, and are more focused on living your life for yourself, then to live for the recognition of other people!

5. You Have A Job

Having a job has tremendous amounts of benefits in life. It allows us to pay all our monthly bills (A huge achievement in its own right), and ensures that we make a useful contribution to society. It could be that you are not currently in your dream job. That being said, having any job is helping you get to where you want to go.

It might be teaching you the experience you need to reach a certain goal, and it will likely fulfill some of the social requirements that you have. Even if you dislike your job, simply having one ensures that you are able to live a life according to your rules!

6. You Are Following Your Passion

If you are doing work related to your passion, you are in a great position in life! Not only are you working on something that make you happy, working on your passion also has many benefits outside of that! You are more likely to be motivated, and will suffer a lot less emotional stress!

All of the most successful people in the world are following their passion. If you have managed to get in a position in which you are able to pursues your passion, you are doing a lot better than most people!

7. You Have Time To Do Things You Enjoy

Having freedom to do in life whatever you want, is so much better than being stuck worrying what others might say or want. You are free to do any activity without fear of being judged. If you have been able to learn to not worry about what other people think, you are a lot better off than you could possibly imagine!

8. You Have Grown As A Person Compared To Last Year

This year was a tough year, and if you were able to make strives forward as a person, then congratulations! A lot of us have experienced failures and downfalls, but if you had the strength to pick yourself up afterwards, then you have to recognize the incredible amount of resilience it took to do that.

Experiencing all these failures has only gotten you closer to success. You have not only added value to yourself, but also to the people that surround you!

9. You Are In Good Health

Having both a healthy mind and a healthy body is an incredible blessing, especially these days. So many people have suffered under this pandemic. If you have managed to stay healthy all this time, this was a great year for you!

Caring for your health is one of the most important items on this list. Even if you just managed to stay healthy, you are already doing great. Keep up the good work!

10. You Have The Ability To Say No To The Things You Don’t Want To Do

Having the ability to say no when you don’t want to do something means you are confident in yourself, and you are in a position in life where you value your own mental health and happiness over the need to pleasing someone else! This is a very important skill to have, and will save you from a lot of stress in your life!

11. You Don’t Worry About The Things You Can’t Control

I have written in many of my articles about why worrying about things out of our control is a waste of energy and can often times negatively impact our lives. So I won’t go too in-depth about it here.

That being said, if you have been able to not get stressed out about the little things and about the things you cannot control, you really are doing better than you could possibly imagine. You have been able to limit emotional stress, as well as make yourself a more productive person!

This is not an easy skill to learn, but if you can truly say that you are not stressing about things you can’t control, you are acing it!

12. You Live A Balanced Lifestyle

Living a balanced life is not all about achieving goals and material success. It means that we aim to life our life with the aim of ensuring positive emotional and mental health. Everyone is different in their way to live a balanced life. Some of us practice mindfulness meditations, others prefer to read books and have an excellent sleeping routine.

I wrote a lot more in depth about the aspects of a balanced life here if you are interested in learning more. All I can say is that if you live a balanced life, you will reach your goals no matter what!

13. You Are Valuable To Those Around You

Life is not all about ourselves, it is also about those around us. We all have had support from friends and family, but we often do not think about the support that we have given to them. If you have made a positive impact in the lives of another person, you are serving your community well.

Remember that if we help out others in need, they will likely return the favor when we need them!

14. You Strive For Self-Improvement

The more we are able to learn from life, the better it will become. No one is perfect, and no one will live a mistake free life. But simply trying your best to become a better human being means you have understood one of the fundamentals of what it means to live. If you have truly understood that things will get better so long you work for them, you will conquer the world.

You may not be in the place you want to be right now, but if you work on yourself, improve yourself, you will see positive changes sooner than later. If you are striving for self-improvement whether successful or not, you are really doing better than you think you are!

Final Thought

It is alright if you can relate to just a few of these points! Most of the things written in this article can be quite hard to achieve, so even if you did just a few of them you are most certainly doing good in life. Keep growing as a person, and you will get to wherever you want to go in life. I hope you enjoyed the read and wish you all the best!

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