5 MORE Successful Character Traits You Should Have In 2022

With Christmas spirit in full swing, the new year is also quickly approaching. It is the time of year where we look at how well the last 12 months have been for us. For most of us, myself included, we see that there is always room for improvement. However it can be easier said than done to have a more successful 2022!

That being said, no matter how difficult it might be, we will always try and better ourselves here at SimplyLifestyle! One of the goals I think everybody should set for themselves is to adopt specific character traits of the most successful people into their own personality. I have already made a list of 5 successful character traits you should adopt, and you can find this article here!

That was written quite a while ago, and I thought for 2022, I would make a new list. So lets see what these character traits are and why you should adopt them into your personality!

1. Proper goal setting

First on the list is proper goal setting, and it is first for a good reason. If you are not able to translate your goals from thoughts to actions, you will be lost for your entire life. No successful individual has gotten to where they are today without a structured goal plan.

Learning how to set a goal really is not that difficult, but it might take some time and self searching before you can accurately determine where you want your goals to lead to. I am of the opinion that everyone should set big, and I mean really big lifetime goals! We only get one chance in life, and I firmly believe that we should try and get the most out of it!

When you start to set goals with yourself, you have to start off with setting your lifetime goals. These are the kind of goals you will spend your whole life working towards. Once these are reached, you should be able to say to yourself “I have made it!”.

Next you should set your milestone goals. These are the goals you have to reach before you can start going after your lifetime goals. If you are a little confused by this, I explain it with an example in a lot more detail here!

2. Be Flexible

The corona pandemic has highlighted several important character traits in people, and I find one of them is to be a flexible person. Now what exactly do I mean when I say flexible. I certainly don’t mean that you should start to follow a yoga class or anything. I am talking about mental and emotional flexibility.

Mental flexibility is all about being able to switch up your routine. If you have a lot of different deadlines coming up, you should have the mental flexibility to work a little bit on all your different projects in the same day. A lot of us tend to really focus their day on just one item on their to do list, and end up neglecting all the others, which will negatively impact your results on them. Make sure you are able to set time limits when you work. If you are more curious about proper time management, check out my article on it here!

For emotional flexibility, I mean being able to better deal with various emotions that you might experience during a day. When we have had a really good day, and all of a sudden something goes wrong, we tend to let these small things get us down. Be flexible enough to accompany this emotion, and just continue having a great day!

3. High emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is defined as the capacity to control and express one’s emotions. Furthermore, it is your ability to handle relationships empathically and with justice. Having a high emotional intelligence therefore means you are able to control your emotions better, and are less likely to fall victim to losing control of your emotions. It also makes you a more emphatic person, which is a great skill to have for building meaningful and long lasting relationships!

Building up your emotional intelligence can give you a major boost in both your personal and professional life. Many modern organizations are investing a lot of time and resources in better understanding emotional intelligence. Partly because studies have shown that individuals with a higher emotional intelligence have larger amounts of productivity than those with a low EQ.

So what are some ways we can build up our emotional intelligence? I will write a more detailed article about emotional intelligence in the future, so make sure you keep an eye on the most recent posts and the overall topics page! But for now, lets address a few key points in increasing your emotional intelligence!

Be approachable

Being more approachable will give you a greater opportunity to interact with people. Often times a lack of social contact can really hold back your emotional intelligence development, simply because you lack the experience of making and keeping relationships going. By becoming more approachable this issue dissapears.

One of the easiest ways to become more approachable is alter your body language. If people do not know who you are, they will judge your personality based on your body language. If your body language is not very welcoming, chances are very few people will come and have a chat with you. The biggest change in your body language is actually a very small gesture, which is to just smile!

Give approving eye contact and smile gently when coming across people you would like a chat with. By smiling and making proper eye contact, it is like you are inviting them in for a conversation. This is when you can start creating and maintaining friendships, which will develop your emotional intelligence as time goes on.

Be self-motivated

A big character trait of people with a high emotional intelligence is that they are often self-motivated. Self motivation for those who are unaware is the ability to drive yourself to put in effort and work towards a goal, no outside reward needed. It is very similar to intrinsic motivation!

If you wish to learn more about how to self motivate yourself, make sure you check out my detailed article on it here!

Learn to communicate your emotions

Bottling up your emotions is simply not healthy! Whenever you are feeling sad, angry, disappointed, or even happy and grateful, make it a habit to communicate those emotions to the people around you. Not only will this help develop your emotional intelligence, it can also increase self confidence and decrease emotional stress!

Find a trusted family member of friend, and ask them to do the same to you. This way you will both learning to communicate your emotions while making it easier for both of you to do so. It is a great exercise!

4. Self-Confidence

Having a healthy level of self confidence on its own will carry you very far in life. It makes you a more likable person, and will allow greater opportunities to come into your life. Not only that, being more confident will allow us to move forward with these opportunities!

We have all heard that you should increase your confidence, but how exactly do we accomplish this? Lets go over three main points that I believe will get you started on trying to increase your confidence levels!

Work towards your passion

If you are working and making progress towards whatever you are really passionate about, you will feel like your life is one track. That is a feeling that gives a lot of confidence in yourself, simply because you are in life where you need to be. You won’t have this feeling like you are lost, like you are behind compared to everyone else.

Finding your passion can often times be quite difficult if you don’t know how. The best way that I have seen is to just remember the dreams you had as a child. Often times if you spend enough time dissecting what your dreams were as a kid, you will re-discover your passion!

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

A lack of self confidence often times arises from uncomfortable situations. Think of examples like asking out a crush, giving a presentation in front of a big audience or joining a new sports team. Lets be real, you will find yourself in a lot more uncomfortable situations in the future, especially if you are trying to get somewhere in life!

The best way to be comfortable being uncomfortable, is to simply put yourself into uncomfortable situations more. Scared of giving presentations, go and give more presentations. Follow a workshop where you have to present in front of 200+ people. I can guarantee that presenting in front of 20 people will seem like peanuts then!

All it takes to cultivate more self discipline is to simply expose yourself to the extremes of something that makes you lack confidence. Just like the presentation example!

Create a routine

If you have a stable daily routine, it will not only be much easier to work on your confidence levels, the routine in itself will also give you confidence. Since you will be getting familiar with doing certain tasks over and over again, you will get more secure and sure of yourself over time.

On top of that, it also ties in well with the previous point! Life is uncertain, and often times your routine will be washed away. This can end up putting you in uncomfortable situations. You should know what that is important :).

5. Gratitude

These last two years, so many people have suffered because of the pandemic. That is why now is a better time than any to be grateful for all the postie things and people that we have in our lives and that surround us.

People nowadays tend to mainly focus on what they don’t have and what they want for their future self. a slight few of us might also focus on the present, but unfortunately most do not yet appreciate the past. Very few of us understand the high value of our histories correctly. 

Gratitude is a crucial aspect we should use when we look back on our past. It is sure to positively influence our present and future. It can be understood as a duty and as a commitment, but also as an action in which we get to focus on our self and on our life path.

A proper look at the past is a crucial aspect. We should look at the past as a source of experiences and answers much like a source of wisdom. Looking at it in a balanced way, observing the positive and negative experiences helps to understand life as a trial and error process. And in that sense, to understand every experience as an opportunity to learn.

Final Thoughts

No matter what the new year will bring us, if you adopt these 5 character traits, you will sure see success in 2022. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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