5 Daily Habits For A Balanced Life

We all strife for a happy and successful life in whatever field interests us. Some aspire to have a successful career in engineering, become a world class athlete, become excellent mothers/fathers and the list goes on. Having a balanced life is what allows us to achieve these high reaching goals.

It means we want to have a positive outlook on our lives. We want our day to be filled with healthy and success oriented habits as well as low stress levels. Living a balanced life doesn’t just mean that we are goal oriented. It also means that we aim to live our life conscious of protecting our emotional and mental health.

When we write it out, it seems like everyone should be living a balanced life, but why do so many of us struggle with it? The simple reason is that it is quite hard to achieve in reality. However no where near impossible. In this article I share 5 daily habits that will allow you to live a more balanced life.

Practice Mindfulness

Life is continuously in motion. We all might have a routine that we follow during the day, but unexpected events will occur quite readily throughout our lives. If anything, the only thing certain about life is its ability to be uncertain.

Being able to live with that uncertainty in your life, is exactly what mindfulness is all about. Being mindful allows us to live in the present, and focus on it. It will teach you to be calm, and to take new challenges for what they are. If you are able to master the art of being mindful, it will protect you against the inevitable change that life will bring you.

Mindfulness will teach you to be present during the important moments in life, like being with family. Being there and enjoying them moment itself is central to living a balanced life.

A great way to learn mindfulness and practice it, is through meditation. Just sit on your bed, and sense what you are feeling in the moment. You will catch your mind drift into thoughts. The moment you realize you are in a dream and no longer sensing the world around you, bring yourself back to the present. This action of bring yourself back to the present will strengthen your mind. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by life, use this technique to bring yourself to the now. It is an extremely power and calming effect.

I prefer to do this meditation for about 10 minutes the moment I wake and right before I go to sleep.

Another great way to practice mindfulness is through mindful journaling. For 5 to 10 minutes, write down all the thoughts and things you are feeling at that very moment. This is a technique that will strengthen your ability to live in the moment.

The meditation allows you to bring your mind to the present, while the journaling will strengthen your ability to enjoy and rationalize the feelings you have.

Read Books & Articles

Given you are reading this article, you are already on the way to making this a habit. Well done!

Books & articles can be an amazing source of new knowledge and wisdom that will help you improve any area of your life that you decide to focus on. For example, reading biographies and autobiographies of ultra successful people will give you some insight on how they overcame their biggest obstacles. You will be able to see from their habits how they were able to maintain a balanced life. You might even be able to adopt some of their successful traits!

On top of all those benefits, reading a good book can be really calming. Truly good books have this ability to catch you in their aura and make time fly by. This can become a very useful tool to destress when you start to feel overwhelmed and stressed from the difficulties of life.

Reading books & articles can also bring a sense of purpose into your life. Many people have goals set just around books. I for example might try to read 30 books in one year, or someone else might make it a goal to read all the harry potter books by the end of summer. You might also find new life interests through reading about topics you never even knew existed. It can change your view of what a balanced life is!

Get In The Habit Of Creating A Proper Sleeping Routine

Brain studies have shown that sleep increases activity in the area of our brains that regulate our emotions. This has many benefits other than creating some balance in your life. For example it helps support mental stability and can give a massive boost to our mental health!

Sleep deprivation diminishes our bodies ability to do this, and hence will hamper a lot of the balance in your life that you strife for. The general rule of thumb is to sleep a solid 7-9 hours. However, the most important aspect of sleep is going to bed and waking up at the exact same time each and every day. If you want to wake up at 1 in the afternoon that is completely fine. Just make sure you wake up at 1 every single day. Doing this gives your body a proper sleep routine, and it will know what to expect.

Your emotions will be in much more balance that in you sleep at irregular hours every night. Give it a try, after a couple of days you should already be able to notice the effect!

Stay Hydrated & Limit Caffeine And Alcohol Intake

Getting the proper amount of water into your body isn’t just important for every cell in your body, it is crucial for your brain too. Without enough water intake, your brain won’t be able to keep every system that gets you through your day in check. A combination of dehydration and a lack of sleep is a surefire way to lose any chance at a balanced life!

Water has even been shown to have natural calming effects. When your body is in a state of dehydration, drinking water has a stress reducing effect. So if you are feeling stressed out and can’t remember when you last had some water, it might be time to drink a glass right now!

Since caffeine and alcohol have dehydration tendencies, they should be avoided. Not only are they diuretic, they will also affect your sleeping routine! After reading the previous section, you should be able to say why that is not good for your balanced life!

Now I am not say that caffeine & alcohol should be avoided at all cost. Coffee and energy drinks can give us that energy boost when we go through really busy periods. Alcohol on the other hand can make social settings more fun! We should just regulate our intake to as few times as possible, and not start to rely on them!

Practice Gratitude

Be grateful for the life, health and love within you and make it part of your daily life attitude. Every morning spend just a few minutes thanking all the amazing people in your life that have helped you to get to where you are now. I always try and come up with three things for which I feel grateful. Just understand that a new day is a new opportunity to make your life the greatest it can. We should all be very grateful for that new opportunity.

An important part of balance is recognizing all the amazing people and things in our lives that have helped us get to where we currently are! Also make sure to celebrate your own achievements as well! You are also to thank for all the amazing things in your life. Make sure to give credit where credit is due! If you are able to understand that our lives are a product of both things that we have under control and things that we don’t have under control, then you can rest assured that you will live a very balanced life.

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