5 Ways To Get Back On Track When You Feel Lost

There is not a single person on this earth that has walked a perfect path to success. Sooner or later, everyone will lose their bearing. It is only natural that when you discover new things, you will inevitably lose focus on goals you have set far in the past. If you realized that you have strayed off the path, you’re 50% of the way there to get back on track and take control of your life once again.

For me personally, I have found that losing your way has a large emotional component to it. I strongly believe that we lose focus on our goals and purpose in life by getting caught up in the negative dealings of life. This can range from comparing your position in life to that of others, all the way to focusing too much on your own shortcomings and failures in life.

Eckhart Tolle once said “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.” No matter the situation, your levels of happiness ultimately stem from how you let yourself react. If you let people or other things in life get to you, you will inevitable lose your way. Make sure that doesn’t happen!

You have to realize that you will continue to have low moments throughout your life. But if you master the next 5 steps, you will never stay there for long. They will give you the skills necessary to get back on track whenever you have lost your way.

1. Analyze Your Routine

Before you ask yourself how to get back on track, a more interesting question you should ask yourself is “What does an average day look like for me and what am I currently doing to reach my goals?”

Doing a thorough analysis of your current daily routine will allow you to pinpoint all the areas that require improvement. A common struggle for most people is getting out of bed on time for example. They will set their alarms for 8:00 AM, but will only really get out of bed at 9:30 AM. Teaching yourself to get out of bed when your alarm goes off will save you a lot of time, which can be spend much more productively.

When doing this analysis, it is important that you are 100% honest with yourself. Call yourself out on all your lazy habits! Lying to yourself will never get you anywhere in life and hurts only one person, you!

If you feel that planning your entire day routine is too complicated or too overwhelming for you, it is always possible to start with just your morning routine for example. Plan a productive and healthy morning routine, and then next week try and do the same for your evening routine. Whatever works best for you!

If you are unsure whether you even have a routine or are not entirely sure what a routine looks like, check out my article on routines here. Within that article I also provide an example of what a success oriented routine looks like. Try and model yours after that one!

2. Focus On The Three Main Aspects Of Your Health

Maybe you have lost interest in a certain aspect of your life simply because of an unbalance in your three main aspects of life. In order to get back on track, it is vital that you pay attention to all of these aspects of your being. If you know that you struggle with one or more of these, I would suggest prioritizing your focus on this point before trying any of the other points in this article.

That being said, the methods and strategies that I write about here can also be used to great effect in bettering your physical, mental or social health. What I mean is that you better spend your time fixing your health issues rather than trying to pursue arbitrary goal in your life. I can assure you that you have plenty of time for goal chasing. Make sure you are functioning at 100% first!

Physical Health

I’m sure you know that our physical health has a major impact on our overall well-being, be that our mental or social health. A proper exercise regime has the ability to let you release stress and tension. If you are not doing any exercise, you have to start making a proper regime and sticking to it. If you are physically not healthy, it will be infinitely harder to get your life back on track and to achieve your goals.

Mental Health

What often happens with individuals who suffer from mental health problems, is that they are in a constant swing of “its going good and it’s going bad”. You might feel like you are back on track for one week, and then lose that completely the next. Mental health stability is instrumental in getting back on track. There are many articles on this website that will teach you some methods to live a more balanced life and to become the master of your emotions. However, if these don’t work and you see it worsen over time, make sure to seek professional help! These professionals will be able to guide you using a unique plan catered exactly to your needs. Don’t be afraid to seek them out!

Social Health

Social health is your ability to form meaningful and healthy relationships with others. Connection with other people is vital if you want your life back on track! No one can do everything alone, and you need good contact with people that you trust to allow them to help you when the going gets tough. Struggling to be social is very normal for introverted people, but you can learn to enjoy it!

3. Revitalize Your Goals And Your Purpose

Losing track of your life’s goals doesn’t mean you failed at them. There is a good chance you just lost interest, that you lost sight of the bigger picture. It is possible that you found new interests that simply didn’t work out, and now you feel that you should have never abandoned your old dreams. Whatever the reason may be, a lot can be gained from looking back on our past goals and to delve deep into them.

When we take a proper look at our childhood dreams, we are often energized by powerful nostalgic feelings. Children are big dreamers, I am sure that you were no different. The plans that we made for ourselves during childhood and adolescence will still be within you. Thinking about them and writing them down on a piece of paper is a good way of revitalizing your goals and re-discovering your purpose in life.

If you are unsure about what your purpose in life is, then do some self-discovery and exploration. Do some research by buying books or reading articles on the lives of successful individuals. Just make sure you don’t start to live an aesthetic lifestyle!

4. Proper Time Management

When you start planning to get your life back on track, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that there aren’t enough hours in a day to do all the things you want to do. There are 2 solutions for this. Either you give up on some of your goals, or you learn proper time management. I am going out on a limb here and say that you likely will not want to give up on any of your goals. So lets see how we can acquire some proper time management skills!

The most important time management skills in my eyes is to plan your day in advance. There is no bigger waste of time than starting to work, only to realize you have no idea what you have to work on or what you are even working towards. Make sure you plan your tomorrow tonight. Spend some time in your evening to gather your thoughts and figure out what work you would like to get accomplished tomorrow. That way you can plan your day as efficiently as possible!

Another tip that I can give you might sound counter-intuitive, but will see you become much more productive, and hence get more done during the time you do spent working. That tip is to take many breaks during your work sessions, and to not spend hours in front of your books or computer screen. If you are interested in knowing how to implement this into your schedule and why it is so effective, make sure you read my article on it here!

Time management is such a broad topic that I cannot even cover 10% of all the information about it here. So make sure to check all my posts on SimplyLifestyle for more potential articles on proper time management!

5. Practice Gratitude On A Daily Basis

Often times, we are so focused on our future, that we forget our past. We have all learned from our past mistakes, and yet if you look closely at your life, you will find that you have repeated many of them as well. But what about all the success we had in our lives. What about all the blessed moments?

If you are stuck in life, it can often be because you see people around you that are more successful. They might have a better job, a successful marriage, have children etc. When you practice gratitude, you learn to let go of these feelings of jealousy and resentment. Gratitude is recognizing all the positives in your life and having conscious and intentional thoughts about how and why you take them for granted. It is about appreciating your life and realizing that not everyone in the world is given the same chances and opportunities as you are.

When you wake up, write down three things you are grateful for. It should be the first thing you do in the morning. It can be as simple as this:

  • I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have a great education
  • I am grateful that my boss has seen my potential and given me a promotion
  • I am grateful that I have a supportive wife/husband/father/mother etc…

Practicing gratitude will make you realize that your life actually isn’t that bad, and that there are many opportunities for you to make improvements if you so desire. Make sure to keep an eye on our recent posts, as I will be writing more about the art of practicing gratitude.

I wish you the best on your journey!

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