One Mental Exercise That Will Change Your Life

Self-improvement is a major topic nowadays. Almost all of us at one point in our lives experiment with several self-improvements methods. Yet a lot of people remain exactly where they started, without much progression to be seen.

One of the main pitfalls of self-improvement that I see is the simple fact of not being honest with yourself. People will often times make excuses that they know are false, but the majority of people will make those excuses but actually believe them to be legitimate reasons.

If you have been trying to get into shape, to achieve better grades, or to try and get that job promotion but failed time and time again, then this article is for you. Every failed attempt was a direct cause of you lying to yourself, whether you truly believed your excuses or not is irrelevant since the outcome is the same.

It is the conscious part of your brain that lies to you. It seeks comfort, peace and rest. Whenever you are stepping out of your comfort zone, be that in the gym or working overtime, your conscious brain will beg you to stop. It will come up with whatever reasons it can to fool you into stopping. It will keep telling you what you want to hear.

The exercise that I will be writing about in this article is a self-analysis of yourself. It is a no nonsense interrogation of your subconscious mind. That part of your brain gives it to you straight. It doesn’t beat around the bush and will call your lazy habits out whenever it has the chance too. The problem is that the conscious mind can scream a little bit louder at times, and blur out the logic of the subconscious.

Self-analysis exercise

So what is this exercise exactly?

As I have mentioned before, it is basically an interrogation of yourself. The answer that might come out is not always what you will expect! Let me demonstrate with 2 examples:

“Why am I failing my classes in school?”
-> Because I am not studying enough!

“Why are you not studying enough?”
-> Because I spend a lot of time gaming!

“Why do you spend so much time gaming?”
->I quickly get bored of my studies!

“Why do you get bored so quickly”?
-> I am not motivated to study for my current program

It might be very easy to think that you are just not smart enough to study, or that you need to put in more effort. When in reality you are just unmotivated by your program. Maybe you expected something else, or you realize the courses that your best friend is taking are more what you expected your program to be.

You might spend the next years getting a degree that really isn’t even in your interest. However, when you do a self-analysis like the one above, you will realize quickly that its the program itself that’s bothering you. And that it’s not you that’s the problem. This will allow you to actually tackle the root of the problem.

When you do this for yourself, you might be finished in 2 questions, or it might take you 15 iterations before you get to the root of the problem. As I said before, the answer usually isn’t something that you will expect. It is exactly that which makes this such a great exercise. The conscious part will give you an easy solution, while the subconscious mind will give you a truthful answer. I sure know which one I prefer!

Lets take a look at an exercise based example:

“Why am I so out of shape?”
-> Because I don’t workout!

“Why don’t you workout?”
-> Because I don’t have time in my day!

“Why don’t you have time in your day?”
-> Because I manage my time poorly.

“Why do you manage your time poorly?”
-> Because I don’t have any time management skills.

Who would have thought that the reason you are out of shape is poor time management skills. Then again when you list it as iterative self interrogation questions as above it seems very plausible. This method is very good for getting to the root of whatever problems you might have, as well as provide a truthful solution for it.

Remember that honesty is key during these exercises. If you are not being honest during these exercises, you will only hurt yourself in the long run!

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