5 Traits of Successful Individuals

We have all had role models at some point in our lives who we wished we could be like. Most likely these were very successful individuals like celebrities, athletes or famous professionals in a field you loved.

Modeling our lifestyle after these ultra successful people doesn’t have to be that hard. The difficult part is to simply know where to even begin.

That is why I will make a list of 5 traits of high achievers. This will give you an idea of what goes on “behind the scenes” in the minds of these people. Having a proper understanding of the skillset that it takes to become successful, we can start applying that knowledge to our own lives.


If you want to reach a certain goal, having a passion for it will make working towards it a lot easier. People who are truly passionate about a certain thing in life are much more likely to push through and achieve their goals when the going gets tough.

The passion is what energizes us when we lack the discipline and motivation to keep pushing through. It is something that I have heard a lot at my university.

I had one professor that would say “If you don’t have a true passion for engineering, you will never receive your diploma”. These words have stuck with me ever since hearing them.

He simply meant to say that the program was going to get so tough, that you needed a true passion for engineering to see it through till the end. If you try and achieve a difficult goal, make sure you have some kind of intrinsic passion for it, it will make the journey considerably easier!


Research has shown again and again that an optimistic outlook on life is much more beneficial than pessimism. Having optimism as one of your character traits can lead to a more successful and healthier life.

Having a more favorable way of looking at the world will cause you to see the positives in everything, even when the times get tough. As an optimist you are much more likely to succeed in achieving your goals for example. You will be someone that isn’t easily thrown of their path.

A perfect example of this is when we look at diets. A pessimist will start a diet with a negative mindset. They might not belief that diets work, then when they don’t see immediate results, they reaffirm their initial belief and stop the diet all together. An optimist is much more likely to look at all the positive things. They will be able to stay motivated for longer, and once they see the results, they will continue their diet to reach their goal!

Being optimistic also allows you to deal with stress more efficiently. As I mentioned above, seeing the positive side of life means it will be harder for you to get overwhelmed by negative emotions such as stress.

Optimism is also a trait that others can detect. People love to be around others with a positive vibe, so your social life will definitely benefit from this!

Being optimistic also has many benefits regarding your emotional state, read this article to find out more!


Self-discipline is the epitomy of a successful man or woman. It is what allows us to stay focused and work towards the goals that we have set for ourselves when our motivation wears out.

Studies have even gone so far to suggest that a lack of self discipline can have negative consequences on your self-esteem. It has also been shown that self-discipline is a better predictor of academic success than your IQ.

Despite it being one of the most important traits to achieve success, it is also the one that people struggle with the most. If you know you lack self-discipline I will highly suggest that you start working on improving it immediately! I can assure you that your role models had above average discipline, else they would have never reached the heights that they did.

Self-discipline also has the potential to give you a more positive outlook on life. If you have read the previous section than you know the importance of being an optimistic individual!

Make sure to check back soon as I will be writing a few articles related to building self-discipline!


Persistence is closely linked with self-discipline in the sense that it is also linked to the strength required to be able to get back up after you have failed in life. A persistent person has a no quit attitude.

Persistence is all about giving 100% effort and not quitting on your vision.

In my personal experience, I feel that having passion for something is crucial if you want to also be persistent for that something. If you have no real passion for your goals, it is almost impossible to stay persistent towards achieving those goals.

Having too much persistence can also be quite negative however! It is very important to know when to quit doing something that will lead to nowhere. Persistence can often turn into stubbornness, and this can kill any chance you have of success.

Desire to Learn

Continuing to work on yourself and being open to learn is an incredibly important tool you should always make use of. No matter how knowledgeable you are about a particular fields, you have to understand that everything evolves and changes overtime.

You must make sure that the skills you have are up-to-date, so that you can utilize them as efficiently as possible.

Success isn’t just a one time thing. You should strive to be successful in life for as long as possible. You can only achieve this by adapting yourself to the changing environment that we are all in.

A good exercise to practice this is to look at a skill in your life that you have already mastered. Ask yourself the question how you could potentially improve it. I am sure you can think of some ways to advance even your best life skills!

Final Words

It is important to understand that these traits are learned and cultivated over years and years. I would suggest you pick one, and try and focus on that for the next couple of months.

A perfect example is that you could try and build your self discipline by using the 50/10 method when you work or study. If you are not sure what the 50/10 method is, make sure to read up on it here!

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