The Aesthetic Life

We all know people on social media who make daily posts about everything they do. They seem like such cool and adventurous people. They are always living new experiences and have a desire to share that with the world. It almost seems that nothing can get these people down, and that they are always happy and live an extremely fulfilling life.

One quick glance at their Instagram account and you have yourself wondering what kind of life it must be like. But what really is it like to live an aesthetic lifestyle?

Individuals who live the “Instagram” lifestyle see their life as a piece of art. It has to be judged, looked at, and admired. They will go above and beyond to make their life score higher on some aesthetic criteria of how they think society judges them.

The main issue I see with this kind of a lifestyle is that it is more important to rack up experiences and to live in temporary moments of glory rather than a life of continuing accomplishments.

You might join a cooking class for a week or 2, do a self defense class for a month, and then learn tango for a few months after that. These are all fun experiences, but once the experience has been experienced, you quit.

You think that you need new adventures in your life. You fear that your life becomes boring, and this doesn’t score high on the aesthetic criteria you base your life on. But this also means that you do not become proficient in anything you do.

If you look back over your life and ask yourself the questions, what Have I accomplished? What have I truly become proficient at? What is your purpose in life and how have you spend the past 12 months working towards that? Have you made any progress or where you to busy wondering what other people thought of you?

The fear you have of societies judgment robs your future self’s ability to live a truly meaningful and accomplished life.

If this sounds familiar, or is something you know you struggle with, then you need to be honest with yourself. Think about all the activities that you have done in the past month. What was the purpose behind them?

You have to do things for the sake of enjoyment, or the promise that it will help you sometime down the road, not for recognition by your friends or whoever.

The age of social media certainly hasn’t made avoiding this any easier, and it is alright if you struggle with this. Realizing our errors is already half the battle. Know your purpose in life, and work towards it relentlessly.

Do not worry where other people are in their life. Focus only on what you have control over, which is yourself!

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