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Personality traits
Resilience: The Ultimate Guide

A successful person isn't made from their wins, but by how they bounce back from failures and defeats. Throughout our lifetime, we will encounder many such moments, and how we deal with them can be a strong indicator of the success we will achieve.

Personality Traits
Agreeableness: The Ultimate Guide
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Agreeableness is one of five personality traits that make up the big 5 personality model. While agreeableness is generally considered to be a positive personality trait as it is linked to being an empathic and kind person, it can be a double edged sword if not used within limits.

Growth Mindset

Something we always caarry with us in life is our mindset and outlook on life. If we do not strive for progress, the chance of becoming the best version we could be diminishes greatly. A growth mindset is crucial to living a successful and happy life!

Personality Traits
Extraversion: The ultimate personality trait guide

An extravert is commonly understood as a very social person. While it may be difficult for an introvert to understand how one can be so social, it is not impossible to become more extraverted.

Why You Should Always Be Honest With Yourself

If you are serious about wanting to grow in life, you have to start being honest with yourself. There are plenty of people who simply don't understand why they aren't getting to where they want to go, and it is because they are not truthful with themselves!

Goal Setting
SMART Goals: The Ultimate Guide

Specific, measurable, achievable, relvant and time bound goals are key if you want a fulfilling and successful life. SMART goals are an incredibly easy way to plan your days, weeks and months. This ultimate guide will give practical tips and use real life examples to make it easier for you to apply them to real life!